The Day After: What The Election Tells Us About Big Data

The Dewey-Beats-Truman results of last night show the current limits of Big Data and Predictive Analytics. It is an unquestioned maxim that personal data is the new oil of the digital economy. Given enough information about any individual or commun ...[Read more]

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Facebook Responds To Class Action Challenging “Ethnic Affinity” Functionality As HUD Takes Note

Facebook faced a class action suit after a widely disseminated article claimed that its platform’s “ethnic affinity” functionality potentially enabled advertisers to exclude users by race or other protected classes. The company has now responded, ...[Read more]

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That Didn't Take Long: Class Action Lawyers Claim Facebook’s “Ethnic Affinity” Tool May Be Used To Violate Civil Rights Laws

If the law is slow to respond to technology developments, individual lawyers are not. A Complaint in federal court in California argues that Facebook’s “ethnic affinity” tool can be used to violate the Fair Housing Act and the Civil Rights Act of 19 ...[Read more]

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“They Can’t Do That To Our Pledges; Only We Can Do That To Our Pledges”: Admiral, Big Data, Privacy, and The Internet of Things

Anyone who has been ever bought insurance, resented the premium, contested a claim denial, or piled up hours and papers dealing with insurers would welcome anything that promised to lower their rates. Admiral, a British insurer recently proposed an ...[Read more]

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Is There A Right To Facebook In The Constitution? North Carolina Cyberlaw Goes To The United States Supreme Court.

​The Supreme Court of the United States has just agreed to the hear Packingham v. United States. The grant of certiorari reflects the increasing integration of cyberlaw with mainstream constitutional litigation. Packingham, which we have previously ...[Read more]

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