As Goes New York So Goes The Nation? Ten Highlights From New York’s Proposed Cybersecurity Rules For Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions

By Saad Gul and Michael E. Slipsky In a presidential election year, Americans are often reminded that “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” When it comes to banks, insurers and financial institutions, it may be equally true to say “As goes New York, ...[Read more]

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Change your Yahoo password

​ Earlier this summer, a data dump of 200 million Yahoo login passwords was reportedly offered on the dark web. At that time, Yahoo would only say it was investigating, and would not confirm or deny the breach. Confirmation is now apparently immine ...[Read more]

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The Future of Trans-Atlantic Data Transfers: What Apple’s 14 billion Tax Bill Could Portend For Privacy Shield And GPDR

​Ireland was recently stunned with the news that Apple owed it 13 billion euros it did not want. The underlying tax arrangement was relatively straightforward: Corporations that do businesses in different jurisdictions often configure their internal ...[Read more]

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Your Money or Your Data: Ten Things You Need To Know About Ransomware

​​In 2013, hackers attacked a venerable Swansea, Massachusetts institution via ransomware. Ransomware is software that locks users out of computers or specific files until the victim pays a “fee” to release the lock. Such attacks have become increas ...[Read more]

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About the Editors

​​Saad Gul, a former computer consultant, is a partner in Poyner Spruill's cyberlaw and privacy practice in Raleigh. Follow him on twitter @NC_Cyberlaw. Saad advises clients on a wide range of privacy, data security, and cyber liability issues, incl ...[Read more]

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