Recent Decision Widens Narrow Door for Use of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act against Corporate Insiders

​Information security threats come from a variety of sources, including outside hackers and disloyal corporate insiders. One federal statute that may provide a powerful remedy when a company’s defenses are breached and data is stolen from its comput ...[Read more]

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Will GOP Endorsement of ‘Hack Back’ Make Cyberspace Safe Again?

​​Amidst the balloons and excitement (and smoke machines and procedural kerfuffles) at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, one provision in the party platform has caught the eye of cyber experts. For the first time, an American political party has expl ...[Read more]

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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: Common Legal Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later is a series of short tips on common legal mistakes small business owners make. Tip​ #1​​ - Failing to Choose the Best Entity Structure for Your Business An entrepreneur rarely starts a business without fully vetting the ...[Read more]

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